Blog? What blog?

Hello, friends!

Long time no talk. 2014 is just breezing by and we’re already almost a quarter done with the year. Is that insane or what?! January was a super busy month for me. I was consistently busy and making real progress on my business goals and freelance work, in addition to working full time and cooking healthy meals each night. I even traveled to Salt Lake City for four incredible days at the awesome Alt Summit blogging conference. What a great experience! I’ve promised several of my friends I would write about this, and I still intend to. It’s just one of those things that requires a little extra time and an individual post. It was a little awkward going alone and not knowing anyone, but all in all, I’m so glad I went.


In addition to Utah, I traveled to Pennsylvania to meet my dad and his girlfriend while we visited my brother and his fiancée. We were all home in our separate states for the holidays, and we spent a whole weekend together to celebrate a belated Christmas. I miss my family so much! Earlier in the month, I also traveled with Joshua and several of his Marine buddies up to Massachusetts for the wake and funeral of a close friend. He was killed in combat in Afghanistan and left behind a beautiful wife and large, loving family. It was the saddest and hardest funeral I’ve ever been to, and it was a privilege to be there to honor his memory and the many adventures we had with him and his wife during our time stationed in Virginia.

Then came February. I just kept feeling like I was falling behind in everything. January was a strong focus on working nonstop, and so I kind of let the house go. February was a mess of cleaning up, organizing, redecorating here and there. I didn’t cook much (other than my favorite chili rice staple meal from my mama that I’ll admit I made more than once). I did travel again… This time up north to Virginia to see my girlfriends from work and to go scrapbooking at a crop night! I also had a fabulous Valentine’s Day with my husband, made him a special album of our first year together and received… get this… a star! Seriously, what a cool gift. We named it Danielle’s Valentine, and it’s in the Taurus constellation. (Yep, I’m a bull!)


I joined a beginner Crossfit class in February with a few of my neighbors. Technically, I’m not allowed to call it Crossfit because it’s not affiliated. Rather than call it “functional fitness” as I was told to, I call it Merefit after my coach, Meredith. Functional fitness sounds too long and boring for me to like it! Merefit is so, so hard. But I’m surprised to say I’ve enjoyed the challenge. That was until last Monday’s class… They just keep getting harder and harder! I have three weeks left until the intro class is over, and then I will figure out what’s next. At this point, I don’t think I’ll be ready to enter the regular class, but time will tell!


And at the very end of February, I got sick. And I’ve been sick for almost two weeks and counting. It started out with a sore throat, then a bad head cold, then a cough, and finally… A sinus infection. The doctor gave me some antibiotics and I’m almost back to normal. But man, what a way to start off the month!

Now that I’m starting to feel better, I feel like I’m in a constant state of catching up. My close friends often comment that I take on too much and I’m always “busy.” I don’t know how to not be busy. There is just so much to do, all the time! I have so many projects, goals, plans, ideas, passions and hobbies. I don’t want to give any of it up! Eventually, it all catches up with me though. I think I need to start making a conscious effort to start editing things in my life. No, I can’t say yes to everything. Do I? Yes, usually. I feel like I try to be a lot of things to a lot of different people and sometimes it all just ends up spinning out of control.


Kind of like that movie Gravity with Sandra Bullock, you know? Joshua and I rented it On Demand after I watched the Oscars and had to see it. She just kept spinning and spinning and going and going, far out into space! Side note: The movie kind of reminded me of Castway with Tom Hanks, except there was no volleyball to talk to. How sad. Thank goodness I have Lady to talk to on the days I’m feeling a little lonely working from home!

So here we are in March. I’ve already been to and from Pennsylvania again for my brother’s fiancée’s bridal shower (and caught in a terrible snow storm on the way home—eek!). I will be back and forth a lot over the next three months for all the wedding festivities. I’m a bridesmaid and Joshua is a groomsman, hooray! I just adore wedding season. Especially when it involves my brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law. So much fun!


I’m still trying hard to achieve a better work–life balance, especially between my job(s), keeping a clean house, eating well, and working out regularly. For awhile it was a work–work balance, trying to juggle my day job and my freelance work. Honestly, it still feels that way a lot of days. But until I do figure it all out (and I will figure it all out, right?), I’ll try to stop back and visit this space as often as my current schedule allows. Can’t wait!

Going Coastal


Hello, blogland. You may remember me from my first blog Hard Corps Love, but I’m back with fervor and ready to rumble! I mean… write.

Right. For any long lost readers, here’s what has been going on lately. And to any new readers, hello and welcome! Thank you for stopping by. :-)

Joshua received orders to Jacksonville, North Carolina… his old stomping grounds and first duty station after boot camp. He was stationed here for the first three years of our relationship and for both deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, so even though we were so not excited about moving, it does hold memories for the both of us.

This past year, we celebrated my 28th birthday in May (I’m getting so old!), our two-year wedding anniversary in June, and Joshua’s 27th birthday in July. Ladybug is already 2 1/2! She’s still our only baby, both of the four-legged and mini-me variety. Since everyone likes to ask us, we’re hoping to start trying for little ones sometime before we’re 30. We can’t wait to have babies but we’re still enjoying life just the two of us for now!

GoingCoastal-3Joshua was away at military school for two months between April and June, and during that time we made the big decision to buy our first home! More on that soon. Becoming homeowners has been exhilarating and scary, easy and exciting. We both feel so blessed to be where we are right now. I can’t wait to share all about it!

I’m still working full-time, but I’m now a 100% virtual employee for the same government contractor I worked for in Virginia. This has also been a huge blessing, especially because the job market down here in North Carolina is slim pickins. We made a whole room in our new house my home office and craft space. It’s glorious, and I’m still working on organizing and decorating it to be just the way I like.

We live 3 miles from the beach. Those of you who know me in real life know that I’m not much of a beach girl. I’d take the mountains and a deep cold lake over the coast and salty ocean water any day, but I’ve been embracing the “Salt Life” as much as I can! I even went to the beach one day this summer. I know, I know… I plan to go more next summer. We spent most of our free time moving and painting and decorating during July and August, but luckily we’ll be stationed here for the next 3 years. I have more time to adjust (and get to the beach)!

GoingCoastal-1It has been fun finding a new style for our home decor though. The dark wood, rusty oranges and mustard yellows of our previous homes just didn’t work down here, so we’ve been going for an airy, coastal feel. And we can finally paint!! Lots of blues, turquoises, grays, natural textures and white furniture. We’ve been repainting what we had and adding some new pieces when it’s in the budget. My new blog design kind of reflects the feel of our lives lately… Coastal and cool, but with a fun pop of coral… It’s working so far.

That’s all for the moment. I’m still working out the kinks of my new site so bear with me while I get things running more smoothly. In the meantime… Let me know if anyone out there is reading, and if you have a blog please leave me your address in the comments so I can stop by and say hello!