Project Life 2013: Week 1

It’s about time I start to share some of my Project Life layouts here on the blog. I’m behind, as is usual… but I’m okay with that. I’m just going with the flow and getting it done as I can. After all, I’ve been busy living life, and Project Life without life is… well… you get where I’m going with this and why I’m not so stressed about it. ;-)

So this is my first week of 2013 from Tuesday, January 1st to Sunday, January 6th. I’m doing my weeks from Monday to Sunday to keep the weekends together.

I brought in neon accents and florals like I had hoped to, and all in all I love the eclectic feel that it brings together. Here’s a closer view of the left side:

And a closer view of the ride side:

I’ve incorporated bits of the January Project Life kit from Studio Calico, “Block Party,” as well as some 4×6 and 3×4 cards that I cut up from 6×6 paper pads. The 6×6 paper pads are great for Project Life because the patterns are scaled down from the 12×12 pads, so they work nicely in the pocket sizes.

Other supplies I’ve used are neon washi tapes from Heidi Swapp, stamps from Amanda Rose Stamp Shop, Moonlight gel pens, and wood chips + a neon tag from Freckled Fawn.

Going back to work after a week off to spend Christmas in Florida was the worst!

I adore these little calendar cards that Studio Calico included in their January kits. The kits arrived pretty late in the month (or even in early February?) but it was well worth the wait!

I’m obsessed with the #ProjectLife tag on Instagram and I check on the photos people post on there regularly. I’m so happy I did because I found this awesome idea from another Instagram user, who also has a blog here. I made my own weekly title card with the dates and the highlights from the week. I love that this takes care of most of the journaling for the week so I can play around more with photos and scrap supplies! Thanks for the inspiration, moncoff. ;-)

Joshua and I spent New Years Eve apart this year, because since he had two weeks off and I only had one he stayed in Florida to spend some extra time with his grandparents. Thank goodness for FaceTime, which helped us “ring it in” virtually!

And that about wraps up Week 1. Looking forward to continuing this project and sharing the last two months as I catch up!

Project Life 2013: Neon + Graphic

Hi friends! This is my third year scrapbooking week-to-week with the Project Life memory keeping system by Becky Higgins. I can’t quite remember when or how I discovered Project Life, but it wasn’t long after Joshua and I moved in together and just months before our wedding, so it seemed like the perfect time to start a new scrapbooking venture.
I’m not at all caught up on 2011 & 2012, but that’s okay. I do plan to go back and fill in the gaps for those years, but in the meantime my first goal is just to get started and keep up with it this year. For 2011, I did the Amber edition. For 2012, I did the Cobalt edition.
For 2013, I decided to use up some of my scrapbook stash and make my own edition. I’m still using Becky Higgins’ albums, pocket pages, and 3×4 grid cards, because I love how everything is just the right size and fits together so well. It’s all such excellent quality.
I’ve also signed up for the Project Life monthly kit at Studio Calico, which is just beautiful. Between the kit and all the scrapping goodies I already have, I couldn’t justify buying a kit this year. I’m also a bit of a shopaholic and I love to pick up new products throughout the year, so I’d rather put my extra money toward that.
For whatever reason, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with neon lately. Not in-your-face 1980s neon, but neon accents. I also love bold and graphic patterns, like chevron and diagonal stripes. I’ve slowly been collecting anything that fits these descriptions as I come by them.
Lastly, my “One Little Word” (a yearly exercise & online workshop by the super talented Ali Edwards) for 2013 is BLOOM. So of course, I’ve been incorporating florals whenever they fit. All in all, I’m loving the eclectic feel it’s giving my album this year.
So here are some photos of my album, title page, and the goodies I’ve been collecting! I’ll be sharing my first few weeks of 2013 next week.
I chose the Becky Higgins White Signature Binder to go with my DIY edition this year. It’s clean, simple, and oh so pretty. I believe these are sold out now, but I stocked up on two of them while they were on sale recently. Happy I did!
This is my title page. I used pieces from the Studio Calico kit along with some cards I made myself from scrapbook pads or washi tape. That black & white chevron card in the lower right corner is just wrapped in washi tape.
I mixed my own handwriting along with the Studio Calico kit stamps and labels.
I love including a photo of our little family on the first page of my yearly albums, and this one was taken just a few weeks before the year started while we were on Christmas vacation in Florida.
I set up a little “neon station” at my new workspace so that everything I need for the album is in the same place. It all fits neatly in this Vera Bradley desk organizer… which of course is also in neon colors. I love when things match up.
These are some of the 3×4 Project Life cards I made with washi tape. I have so much washi tape and this seemed like a great way to use some of it up! I just wrapped the grid cards with it. Maybe it would look better on solid white, but this is what I had on hand and that’s what this year is about for me.
All of the washi tape cards I made:
I made more 3×4 journaling cards by cutting up some smaller paper pads. I bought 2 of these this year and had two of them already. The colors somehow just mesh well together and give it the vibe I’m going for.
I also made some solid neon cards out of cardstock.
All in all, I have plenty of 3×4 cards to get me through the next few months at least.
I did the same for the 4×6 cards and cut up some paper pads I already had in my stash. I’m planning to incorporate these with a lot of white to break up all the patterns and screaming colors!
Here’s a close up of some more of the goodies I’m using, including some neon washi tapes, Studio Calico labels from the kit, and hot pink tabs and wood chips from Freckled Fawn.
These pens are another item I already had on hand, and they work perfectly for Project Life. I’m able to write on photos with them, color in stamps, and write on dark colors.
I want to incorporate more stamping into my album this year. I love that stamps can be used over and over again… not only is it great for cohesion, but it’s also a great way to save money! I just picked up these neon stamps tonight and I can’t wait to use them.
I put all of my stamps into this cute little basket. My favorites are my new(ish) ones from Elise Joy and Amanda Rose. They’re tiny enough to work just right on 4×6 OR 3×4 pocket cards.
Last but not least, this is what inspired my neon + graphic theme this year. I’m obsessed with these Day Glow alpha letters (and packaging) by Heidi Swapp. Such a fun combo!
That’s all for today. If I can answer any questions about any of it, just ask in the comments! Or if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. Thanks for reading!

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

I wish I had found a clever way to ask my bridesmaids to be in my wedding party, but I was too impatient and excited, and I called each of them as soon as I decided on it. The only exception was my maid-of-honor— I sent her a bouquet of white roses while she was at work, and the card read, “Will you be my maid-of-honor?”

Imagine my delight when I received this adorable package in the mail from my recently engaged girlfriend, Megan.

Talk about a way to “pop the question!” Megan is so creative and crafty, and she sent these cute little bottles of bubbly to her bridesmaids with a handmade card that read, “Will you be my…” on the outside, and a heartfelt note on the inside. It got me thinking back to when Megs and I were younger, and how long I’ve known her. We met back in the 5th or 6th grade, when my family moved to the town where I would finish elementary, middle, & high school. It was kind of an instant bond. We both shared so many similar interests, like craft projects and baking… and many of the same values, like friendship and honesty.

So let’s take a little trip down memory lane, shall we?

There was once a time when Meg and I thought we were going to be fashion designers. We even made these horrible matching shiny satin polyester shirts that had purple fronts and black backs… we spent hours on the sewing matching perfecting them. When they were done, we named our fashion company “megandani,” pronounced mee-ghan-dahn-ee, for you simple folk. Obviously.

Oh, and then I scrapbooked it, as I did many of the older memories below.

Meg was always so thoughtful. One year, she & another close friend baked me this birthday cake before school, and surprised me at home!

Yes, I know I was so skinny then. Let’s call it a goal and move on.

Megs and I are great travel companions. Even in high school, we went cross country to visit her family in California together during our spring break. We spent more of our time there taking photos and shopping for Birkenstocks.

Even with all the wonderful childhood memories we shared, we were pretty excited to graduate high school and move onto college, though.

Especially me! Oh dear.

We may have also been in a pageant of sorts… the sort of which neither of us won, but still had tons of fun participating in together. Didyaknow? It was totally televised and I never in my life watched it.

But you know, then college happened and we grew up. Which brings us to the last 5 years or so. We’ve watched our friends get married, and Megs was even a bridesmaid in my wedding last year.

I’m so excited to be part of Megan’s special day next May. I adore weddings, I adore this girl, and I can’t wait to share it all here! I really wish I had been blogging more during my other BFF’s weddings last year. I think I will have to go back down memory lane to take a few trips with Nikki and Felice, and share their wedding details as well! 

For now though… gotta love the cute way Meg asked!

One Little Word: January

One of my projects this year is One Little Word from Ali Edwards. Since I don’t have any friends doing this project— what it is, is you choose a word for the year, the whole year. And you kind of make it your focus, or your mantra. Ali has a class I signed up for at Big Picture Classes, where she “coaches” you, gives you monthly prompts, and provides print-outs to help document your word in an album.

The word I chose is LESS. This year, I want less of everything. Less stress, less clutter, less debt. I want to weigh less, worry less, and fear less. I want things to feel effortless. I want to plan less, and go with the flow more. Sit less, move more. Hate less, love more.

One of the prompts was to think about what you invite into your life with your word. With the word less, I invite more. More time, more calm, more space. More fun and more enjoyment. The list goes on. 

These are my pages for January, including the pre-class assignment and the first few prompts. I also printed the OLW label for the outside of my pretty buttercup album. The plan is to stick with yellows, oranges, and navy blues for this album.

Enjoy & please leave your thoughts! Hope I can inspire some of you. Even if you’re not into scrapbooking, think of a word… I swear, it’s a lot of fun. One word, your word.

{Album & label}
{Title page: I printed the wrong one. It’s supposed to say “One Little Word 2012.”}
Guess I’ll have to go back & fix that this month since I’m OCD!
{What you see when yo open the album. Love how this was set up… all part of the class!}
{For the photo prompt, I printed a still shot from the vlog I did last week.}
{Top row: monogram, sunflower patterned paper, & definitions}
{Middle row: what I invite with my word, quotes with LESS, and the year}
{Bottom row: synonyms of LESS, patterned paper & fiber string, & why I chose this word}

A Little Project Called December Daily

Every year, the scrapbooking-project-making-queen Ali Edwards hosts what she calls December Daily.

“December Daily is an album project that documents the 25 days leading up to Christmas. Many people start their documentation earlier and many people go longer. I have found that 25 days is just right for me.” —Ali Edwards

I love the idea of this, because when I was younger, my mom used to keep little 4×6″ themed photo albums of our pictures over the years. She had a Halloween album, a Back-to-School album, a Christmas album, etc. It was (and still is!) so fun to pull out those albums when I am home to visit during whatever season of the year.
Last year was my first year participating in December Daily, only I did it a little differently. First of all, I’m much too busy during the holiday season to scrapbook a page a day. Secondly, having an entire album of 25+ pages for one holiday of the year is too cumbersome for me— and as a military family, I have to be conscious of keeping our baggage light and not adding too much to take from station to station. As it is, I have about a dozen scrapbooks from my high school/college years, and I still have most of my relationship with Joshua to document.
Yes, I’m a little obsessive when it comes to these things.
Enter— my version of December Daily. I didn’t set up my album ahead of time, as Ali does. I just kind of went with it. I scrapbooked throughout December 2010 and finished up the pages in early 2011.
It was our first Christmas living together. It was also the first Christmas we spent alone, without visiting family. We were living in Emerald Isle, NC at the time, stationed at Camp Lejeune, and our big move to Virginia was only weeks away. There was just too much to do.
And honestly?
It was one of my favorite Christmases yet. It was quiet, intimate, and absolutely beautiful. Probably one of the only Christmases we’ll have alone until we get old & grey, since we’re seeing family this year and hope to have little ones in the coming years. :-)
This is the start of the album I hope to pull out every December. My version of December Daily highlights just the key moments of the season, including holiday decorating, gift giving, and bits & pieces of how we spent our December.

I purchased my festive 12×12″ scrapbook at a local scrapping store in Emerald Isle. I seriously debated about it for weeks and finally got it! So happy I did. The photo of Joshua & I on page one is the day we graduated Corporal’s Course last December. Page three is a circle collage of all the fun things we did throughout the month. Again— highlights only.

We didn’t have a Christmas tree in the house we were renting in Emerald Isle, so we decorated one of the house plants instead. We also got the most perfect Christmas stockings— Vera Bradley for me, woodland camo for him. We hung them from the staircase. Once the gifts were wrapped, we were worse than 5-year olds. We opened everything days before Christmas, and only saved one gift for Christmas Eve. We figured it was just the 2 of us— so why not?

I loved having a place to keep our Christmas cards to each other last year. Now we’ll always have them and be able to look back on them. I also documented making our family Christmas cards & our holiday wreath. The beach blizzard at Emerald Isle was a phenomenon. Supposedly it had not snowed in years, and we got to be there the winter it did! The snow on the beach was so beautiful.
So that’s last year. It’s never too late to start… even if you just take some photos and make little paper book on Snapfish! Which of course I’d like to see if you do. So run! Take pictures— document your December
I swear, it’s so much fun.