Photo A Day APRIL

While I may not be as active as I’d like on my blog lately, I’ve definitely been around in the rest of the social media world. I update on Twitter (@hardcorpslove) & post photos on Instagram (@DaniPloscik) daily. I’m also getting more involved with Google+ (which is proving to be more fun than I anticipated. Oh, and Foursquare? What a blast, people. Husband and I compete for mayorships & get fun discounts when we check into our favorite places. I’m also on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Klout… but more on those another time.

TODAY I want to tell you all about the Photo A Day challenge I did on Instagram! Fellow blogger Fat Mum Slim puts together mini photo-a-day lists for each month, and you can tag your photos with the #photoadayapril tag on Instagram, Twitter, whatever your fancy. (Note: May’s tag is #photoadaymay.)

I didn’t know about this in January or February, did a day or two in March, and in April, well… I followed through & had a great time with it! Without further ado, here are my daily #photoadayapril pics from the past month!

From left to right, they coordinate with the following:

Looking forward to May’s photo prompts. I’ll be checking in soon!