One Little Word: January

One of my projects this year is One Little Word from Ali Edwards. Since I don’t have any friends doing this project— what it is, is you choose a word for the year, the whole year. And you kind of make it your focus, or your mantra. Ali has a class I signed up for at Big Picture Classes, where she “coaches” you, gives you monthly prompts, and provides print-outs to help document your word in an album.

The word I chose is LESS. This year, I want less of everything. Less stress, less clutter, less debt. I want to weigh less, worry less, and fear less. I want things to feel effortless. I want to plan less, and go with the flow more. Sit less, move more. Hate less, love more.

One of the prompts was to think about what you invite into your life with your word. With the word less, I invite more. More time, more calm, more space. More fun and more enjoyment. The list goes on. â™¥

These are my pages for January, including the pre-class assignment and the first few prompts. I also printed the OLW label for the outside of my pretty buttercup album. The plan is to stick with yellows, oranges, and navy blues for this album.

Enjoy & please leave your thoughts! Hope I can inspire some of you. Even if you’re not into scrapbooking, think of a word… I swear, it’s a lot of fun. One word, your word.

{Album & label}
{Title page: I printed the wrong one. It’s supposed to say “One Little Word 2012.”}
Guess I’ll have to go back & fix that this month since I’m OCD!
{What you see when yo open the album. Love how this was set up… all part of the class!}
{For the photo prompt, I printed a still shot from the vlog I did last week.}
{Top row: monogram, sunflower patterned paper, & definitions}
{Middle row: what I invite with my word, quotes with LESS, and the year}
{Bottom row: synonyms of LESS, patterned paper & fiber string, & why I chose this word}