I’ll Be at BlogHer!

I'll be geeking out at BlogHer '12 

Well blogland, I’m off to geek out at the 2012 BlogHer conference in New York City these next few days! Even though I worked my butt off to move my blog to WordPress before now, there is still too much to do. Rather than rush it and stress out about it, I’m just going to work on it when I get back home on Sunday. I’m just ready to have fun, make new friends, and learn more about one of my favorite ways to record life!

Joshua will be home with Lady this weekend, and even though I’m only going to be in NYC, I’m going to miss them both like crazy! I know my BlogHer date will understand, though, since she is also leaving her husband & doggie behind. I convinced my newest friend, Shannon at Anchors Aweigh, to come to BlogHer with me… and she is!

I was originally supposed to be going with my awesome friend *Bleep* at Bleeping Amazing… but she & her family just PCS’d and she wasn’t able to come. So then then I met Shannon online, through blogging, and asked her if she wanted to go… I was so excited she said yes! We’ve hung out a bunch of times since we first met online a couple months ago. Not only is her husband also stationed here at Quantico, but they don’t have kids yet— just a fur baby, Macy. Match made in heaven? In military life, I think so!

So this is where my new blog stands, as of today. What do you think so far?

{click to make bigger}

Can’t wait for the conference! I’ll be back soon with all kinds of fun updates.

Design Feedback, Por Favor!

Hey party people,

I redesigned my blog, finally. But help— I can’t decide if I like it or not?  I still need to add tabs to the top and a few items to the sidebar, but— I miss the RED! Ah!

I designed it to look like my wedding invitations. And wedding save-the-dates. And wedding countdown. We were married on a boat, and I just loved the navy & gold color combo. That’s where the idea came from…

But what do you all think? Like really, did you like the previous design better, if you come here enough to remember it? I kind of feel like it’s missing something— but what?

Feedback appreciated!

{Sneeky peeky for those of you who read via Google Reader}

Happy April 1st!

Hey friends,

In honor of my blog’s two-year anniversary (and in preparation for a couple other new endeavors), Hard Corps Love is getting a redesign! I’ve decided to separate my business and my personal stories, and all things Graphic Grace will be going to their own home on the web. Hard Corps Love will go back to being a lifestyle blog about all things Husband+me, where I can write what & when I want without worrying about business.

Work hard & play harder, isn’t that how it is? :-)

Bear with me while I move some things around. The current design will be transitioned to my new Graphic Grace blog (which will be in the works soon enough), because most of the design elements (colors + fonts) are specific to my biz. The redesign here will be familiar to some of you… particularly if you read any of my wedding posts or remember the design theme & colors from our weddin’ last June.

I’ll be back to play soon!


Just wanted to jump on during my lunch break to post about a design project I did last month. I love it when projects find me, rather than me having to find it… isn’t that the best? A co-worker of mine asked me if I would be willing to design something for her daughter’s birthday. Her daughter is majoring in music at college, and plans to use her talents to join the Marine Corps Band. Neat, right?!

There are 3 quotes that are very meaningful to her, and I was asked to make them into something she could hang on her wall, either at home or in her dorm room. My favorite part about this project is how she described her daughter:

“My Meg is not a frilly girl; she likes things simple but loves bold color. She would never wear a blouse with frills or a flower print.  She will wear horizontal stripes that are all the same width, she will not wear a suit with a print but she will add a very bright blouse under a solid fabric.”

What a great way to describe someone I’ve never met! That was all I needed to put together the posters.

{click to enlarge}

Now I’m inspired to make some posters of my favorite quotes to frame and hang on my wall. I also shared this on my Facebook page and one of my girlfriends said she has a quote or two she wants “designed.” I love quotes that have personal meaning!

My favorite quote lately is from Winston Churchill. “Failure to plan is planning to fail.” It was posted at a Weight Watchers meeting (yay, 9 pounds lost!) and I’ve been living by it ever since. I find that when I plan ahead, everything in life is just… better.

Do you have a favorite quote? Please share!

PROJECT: Purple Fall Wedding Invitations

This year has definitely been the year for weddings in my closest circle of friends from high school. First my wedding, then Felice’s, and now Nikki’s. 
Nikki’s wedding is in October, and her main color is purple. As a bridesmaid, I was so happy for the colors she chose— our dresses are a gorgeous sangria color that I can’t wait to wear (and I’m also planning to wear to the Marine Corps Ball)!
I designed Nikki’s save-the-dates earlier this year, using photos from the engagement session I also shot for her and Anthony, her husband-to-be. Nik’s only request in the design process was “fall colors.” She’s definitely my easiest client to date! 
When it came time to design her wedding invitations, she said, “I trust you, do whatever you think.” Talk about creative freedom! I kept with the purple and copper colors we used for her save-the-dates, as well as the leaf theme, which she had really liked.
I also love this pocketfold enclosure. It’s two-sided, with the front for the invitation and the back for the additional pieces of information. As soon as I saw it, I knew Nikki would love it— she likes simple, clean, easy-to-navigate things. And I was right, she loved it!
I’m pleased with how these turned out, and so thankful to have had great clients like Nikki and Anthony to work with. I also love themed invitations!