December Currents

Current song:Ours” by Taylor Swift. Milspouse friends… watch ’til the end, such a sweet surprise!

Current movie: White Christmas. It’s our first Ploscik family tradition. Our first Christmas together when Joshua wasn’t deployed, we spent with some of his family in Florida. His Aunt Becky loves the movie White Christmas, and watches it daily throughout December. We all watched it together in Florida… Joshua and me, his Aunt Becky & Uncle Jeff, and his grandparents. Since then… we watch it once every Christmas.

Also… It’s a Wonderful Life. This is my Dad’s favorite Christmas movie and thus, a Hulse family tradition to watch each December. The older I get, the more I fall in love with it. I always used to wonder why my Dad got teary-eyed when he watched it… and now I understand. I practically cried through the entire film this season! “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.”

Current blog: Confessions of a 20 Something by the lovely Allison, a.k.a. Pink Lou Lou. Love her style, her photos, her videos, and her sweet sassy attitude. Definitely a favorite of mine to read! Oh, and she’s also a graphic designer. Love.

Current hair: When I was home in New York visiting my family for Thanksgiving, my awesome hair stylist cousin Amanda gave me this rockin’ color. I went platinum all over with some brownish lowlights in the front, with heavy side-sweep bangs. I’ve been wearing my hair like this every day since. 

Current color: Red. My favoritest color ever.

Current website:, where I made my Christmas list. Yay!

Current iPhone app: Instagram. Can you say obsessed?

Current book: Still getting through Happily Ever After by Nora Roberts, and sporadically reading Maria Menounas’ EveryGirl’s Guide to Life. Hers in my fave of the two… Nora’s was better on tape, as I read the first three of the Bride Quartet series. Hoping to find time to finish these over Christmas vacation!

Happy Ever After Everygirl's Guide To Life

Current nail polish: I change my polish a lot, and I’m about to repaint a sparkly red Christmas color… but for now, it’s OPI Cajun Shrimp:

Current photo: My handsome Husband cooking breakfast for us one morning. I swear, I woke up and he was downstairs, scrambling eggs, playing Christmas music. I fall more in love with him every day.

Current quote: 

Current food: Summer salads in the winter. Nom nom nom.

Current blessing: My wonderfully amazing family, both the one I was born into and the one I’m creating with Joshua and Lady.

Current scent: Mmm, my Scentsy candles are burning Festival of Trees. Love evergreens & fir! Reminds me of home.

Current Pin: Santa strawberries. OMG.

Source: via Dani on Pinterest

Current guilty pleasure: ‘NSync’s Christmas album. Duh!

Current laugh: The ridiculousness that is Photo Booth on iMac. We laughed for hours at the photos we took. Please take a moment to enjoy the Plosciks as aliens…

Current drink: Monster Rehab. Which Husband encouraged me to take to work on a particularly sleepy day. Mmm. Lemonade energy.

Current excitement: Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! We’re going to Cleveland to spend the holiday with Husband’s family, and when we come back to Virginia my Mom is coming to visit from New York for a few days! Yes yes yes!

Current Ladybug: Our baby is all dressed up & ready for her Christmas stocking, which is full of puppy goodies. Isn’t she the sweetest?