Irish Birthday Care Package

Yesterday was my mom’s 55th birthday! She recently went back to school and earned her teaching certificate, then after a few months of job searching, scored an incredible job as a Teaching Assistant at a preschool! I’m sooo proud of her.

For her birthday this year, I knew she wanted a new lunch bag to take to school everyday. So Joshua and I went all out at the PX and got her a Vera Bradley lunch bag, eyeglasses case, notepad, pencil case, and binder clips! My mom loves Vera.

She also loves St. Patrick’s Day, so that’s why I themed this care package around the holiday. Her grandmother (my great-grandmother) came straight off the boat from Ireland! We’re proud of our heritage. :-)

Deployment or not, any holiday or special occasion is a great reason to make or send a care package!

Packed with Care

When Joshua is deployed, I make a lot of care packages. For me, they are not only fun, but therapeutic and a great way to pass time. They are the only part of deployment that make it somewhat bearable… thinking of what type of package I’ll for him next, what will go in it, when I’ll send it out…

Well, as you know, Joshua is now back from Afghanistan. And I miss making care packages. So last month for Valentine’s Day, the two of us together put together two packages. One for my BFF/maid-of-honor, Sue, and the other for his mom, whose birthday is also on Valentine’s Day.

Once upon a time in college, when I was “single,” Sue sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers because she knew how much I loved the holiday and hated spending it alone. It was one of the most thoughtful things a friend has ever done for me, and I’ve wanted to “thank” her for it for years now.

(Disclaimer: For those V-Day haters out there… I later worked for one of the largest greeting card companies in the world… I live for these holidays. Any reason to celebrate, send it my way!)

We went a little funky for Sue’s, but filled it with chocolates, rose petals, socks, candies, etc.

The package for Joshua’s mom was filled with similar items, but we also included a birthday gift for her at the bottom… a jewelry making kit since she’s so crafty and fun!

If you wanted to see the packages I made in the past, click here to see a handful of the ones I made during Joshua’s past deployment to Afghanistan.

Now that I’ve gotten it out of my head that care packages are only for deployments, we’ll see what I can come up with for the next holiday… St. Patrick’s Day! :-)

One & Two & Three

I’m once again overdue to send my love a care package, but these were the last few I sent last month. I have few more filled up that I just have to “theme” and bring to the post office… hopefully I can get to that soon!

I had so much stuff piling up from the last time I sent them that I thought it would be easiest to just divide them all up and label them accordingly…

To those of you who suggested I start an Etsy page or CafePress designs, I’ve thought of those as options before and I’ll definitely be looking into them! Once I leave my job I know I’ll finally have the time I need to really create things. I’m already brainstorming away. ♥

Counting Down the Days

Happy 4th of July, everyone! I’m really missing my love today… This is the first 4th of July we’ve spent apart… and this time last year was when he proposed to me. I last spoke to him last Wednesday, but since then I’ve heard that it’s been a really rough week for his unit in Afghanistan. They lost another Marine and have had many more injuries. I’m praying hard everyday and so very thankful that the man I love is over there fighting for our freedom every day! I LOVE YOU, JOSHUA!!! ♥
Sooo I do have a patriotic themed care package planned, but I’m going to combine it with his birthday package (July 25th) to send later this week. For now, this is a package I sent awhile back that I wanted to share. The theme of this one is “Counting Down the Days,” and it has Joshua’s #1 requests… socks and pictures of me. Haha. It’s so weird to take/print pictures of myself to send to him, but hey… what my man wants, my man gets. Anything I can to make this deployment a little easier on him! (And for you pervs out there, they are all FULLY CLOTHED & CLEAN pictures of me. I’m not sending anything that could be intercepted by terrorists or dirty Marines! lol)

Have a happy holiday, everyone! I’ll be staying in this holiday… getting projects done and organizing for my big move when my love returns. Semper fi!

Yo quiero Joshua ♥

Sunday Sunday, and so much to do. So I was pretty much a useless blob last week outside the hours of 8am-5pm, and my silly paranoia/depression carried out until Thursday evening. I still haven’t heard from my beloved (16 days and counting), but I know he’s out there in the desert doing his job, being the amazing Marine that he is. Thursday after work, I went out for a drink to celebrate a co-worker’s promotion, which I think finally broke me out of the icy cold freeze-shell I’d imposed last weekend. I believe what triggered it was the injury of a close friend of mine and Joshua’s… I write about his fiancée Genna often, his name is Codey. He was hit with an IED last Saturday morning (which I obviously couldn’t write about so soon after) and it just completely threw me off… it just hit SO close to home. This is Codey! I’ve stayed at his house! I’m friends with his parents! How could this happen? As Genna said, he’s alive… that’s what matters most right now. She’s handling everything so much better than I ever think I’d be able to, and I’m so proud of her for being so strong. I love you, Genna!

I shall write about the rest of my week/weekend and other things later today. For now, it’s time to conquer my Sunday to-do list now that I’ve finally found a bit of motivation again. Where it came from? Just continually moving forward. Making wedding plans, going through the motions, eventually taking a deep breath and realizing that the circumstances Joshua and Codey are in are beyond my control. But until I post again, these are the photos of the “Cinco de Mayo” // Mexican // Spicy Hot care package I sent Joshua last week. Maybe they’ll inspire some of my gals going through the same thing.

Credit goes to my love Felice for coming up with the Cinco de Mayo theme, and to Genna for coming up with the makeshift burritos to send! And don’t mind the photos… he’s always bugging me to send more photos of myself and less of the two of us together. Hey, whatever I can do to make this deployment suck a little less, I’m on it!

Box flap 1
The whole box!
Box flap 2
Box flap 3
Box flap 4
All contents, courtesy of Target and Trader Joe’s!
Genna’s idea to send burritos to the boys… includes tortillas, chicken, salsa, cheese, and hot sauce!
I love greeting cards!