Long Distance Love When You’re Broke

I know it seems like all I’ve been posting lately are links to my blogs on Military OneSource, but… that’s all I’ve been writing lately. As you know, my job comes before my blog (much as I wish it was the other way around!), and since writing for Blog Brigade is part of my real-life job… I get it done!

I do have a fun post planned to share all about my one-year anniversary this past week with hubby. Including whether or not to eat the top layer of your wedding cake after it’s been frozen. A do or don’t? Stay tuned!

For today, check out my post over at Blog Brigade about Love Distance Love: Weekend Getaways on a Budget. This could have also been titled Traveling When You’re Broke, Why Long Distance Relationships Cost So Much, or How Joshua & I Made 3-Years of Living 12-Hours & 6-States Apart Work. You can pick your favorite.

As always, if you’re a milspouse and you want to be a guest blogger at Blog Brigade, check out the Blog Call page. This month’s topics are Making friends when you don’t have children, What’s in your emergency kit, and Military culture shock. Looks like the deadline for these topics is 7/08/12.

Happy Thursday! Today is happy because tomorrow is Friday. And I welcome Fridays every week. Cheers!

Blogging About Blogging

Earlier this week, my second blog was posted over at Military OneSource’s Blog Brigade. Last month was the debut of my first post on Blog Brigade about navigating the job market as a military spouse… and this week, I wrote about What Milspouse Blogging Means to Me, and how it helped me find a sense of community when Joshua was stationed down in North Carolina and I was living upstate in New York.
I definitely recommend checking out the blog call for military spouse guest bloggers if you haven’t already! This week, the topics to submit on are Loving Being Alone, Things to Avoid on Payday, Summer Activities for Kids. Deadline for Submissions is 6/17/12!

I for one can think of a couple things to say about the first two topics— like how I can watch 4 hours straight of Teen Mom and Jersey Shore on Netflix when I’m alone, but never when the husband is home. Or how I avoid the commissary like the plague on payday… and for several days following. As for the last topic… hmm. I can think about what I’d like to be doing this summer if I were a kid… probably having lots of sleepovers with my girlfriends, camping out with my family, and spending lots of time by the lake! Oh, to be young again… and have the summers off!

Writing Around the Block

Hello blog loves,
Today I’m very excited to share the news that I’m the newest staff blogger at Military OneSource’s Blog Brigade! If you’d like to check out my first post on Blog Brigade about navigating the job market as a military spouse… I’d be tickled pink. :-)

So, you know my priorities: 1.) Family, 2.) Career, 3.) Everything else… and I’ll just say that “Career” has been keeping me quite busy lately. At night after working social media all day, I’m usually working on graphic design… lately, it’s been wedding invitation suites and my blog’s redesign! I’m making the move to WordPress, and it’s a big ol’ switch. As soon as it’s ready, I’ll be sure to share.
I’m also partnering up with Sarah over at Life, Comma, Etc. to work on my family budget a la Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. Sarah is already ahead of me (I’m always a few weeks late), but I’m starting over with Week 1 this weekend. I’m a girl that likes to spend, so this is a very welcomed project to learn to control my… um… “retail therapy” addiction. More to come.
One more thing! The Blog Brigade always has a blog call for military spouse guest bloggers! The topics change a couple times a month. From now until Monday, the blog call topics are Adjusting to Family Life After Combat, Moving Goodies You Can’t Live Without, and Creating a Sense of Community. So start writing away and submitting your posts!
Oh, and make sure you really read the guidelines. For example— you can’t self-promote, you can’t link to any websites that aren’t .gov, .usa, or .mil, and other important things like that. After all, it’s for a government website. Which, might I add, will also look great on your resume? Go forth and write pretty things.