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Packed with Care

When Joshua is deployed, I make a lot of care packages. For me, they are not only fun, but therapeutic and a great way to pass time. They are the only part of deployment that make it somewhat bearable… thinking of what type of package I’ll for him next, what will go in it, when I’ll send it out…

Well, as you know, Joshua is now back from Afghanistan. And I miss making care packages. So last month for Valentine’s Day, the two of us together put together two packages. One for my BFF/maid-of-honor, Sue, and the other for his mom, whose birthday is also on Valentine’s Day.

Once upon a time in college, when I was “single,” Sue sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers because she knew how much I loved the holiday and hated spending it alone. It was one of the most thoughtful things a friend has ever done for me, and I’ve wanted to “thank” her for it for years now.

(Disclaimer: For those V-Day haters out there… I later worked for one of the largest greeting card companies in the world… I live for these holidays. Any reason to celebrate, send it my way!)

We went a little funky for Sue’s, but filled it with chocolates, rose petals, socks, candies, etc.

The package for Joshua’s mom was filled with similar items, but we also included a birthday gift for her at the bottom… a jewelry making kit since she’s so crafty and fun!

If you wanted to see the packages I made in the past, click here to see a handful of the ones I made during Joshua’s past deployment to Afghanistan.

Now that I’ve gotten it out of my head that care packages are only for deployments, we’ll see what I can come up with for the next holiday… St. Patrick’s Day! :-)