DownWithDani_ProfilePhotoHello! I’m Danielle Grace, lover of making lists, chai lattes, the mountains, makeup, design, and organizing. I’m a proud military spouse and mama to a 3 year old Westie pup! I’m also pregnant with my first and due Thanksgiving Day, 2014.

I’m married to my hero and best friend, Joshua, an infantry instructor in the United States Marine Corps. My shadow, our West Highland White Terrier, is named Lady; affectionately known in the Ploscik house as “Ladybug.”

I’m kind of a nerd. Like, in high school, I was the one who spent my study halls and lunch breaks in the art room; I was the editor of the school literary magazine, a writer for the school paper and senior editor of the yearbook. Oh yes. That was me.

I love granny hobbies like scrapbooking, sewing, learning to knit, making wreaths for my front door, cross stitching, bookmaking, etc.

I love recording life. I have been blogging on and off for over 13 years and writing in paper journals since I was 7 years old. I take lots of pictures and document it all through the Project Life scrapbook method, as well as through blogging so I don’t forget everything. I think I have Alzheimers on both sides of my family, so let’s just say I’m being proactive, the Notebook style. ;-)

When I’m not busy geeking out, I love to travel and do things with my awesome husband. Whether it’s a day trip down to Wilmington to explore our new town, a long weekend in Vegas, or a 13 hour drive home to see our families, I always have fun with him. We’re also into riding bikes, doing kettle bell workouts in our backyard, wine tastings, and finding pet friendly restaurants and shops that we can take Lady to.

I love being organized. I’m obsessed with my day planner and my spice jars are alphabetized and color coded. Mmhm. Craziness like that all up in this house.

As for my day job, I’m a Graphic Designer for a government contractor and I moonlight as a freelance designer for my startup biz, Danielle Grace Creative. My website isn’t up and running quite yet, but once it is you’ll be the first to know!

I was born and spent the first 10 years of my life in upstate New York, the next 8 years in northern New Jersey, and the last 11 years bouncing up and down the east coast for college, career, and the military. We currently call North Carolina home sweet home!