Before Baby Bucket List


Always a list maker, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the things I want/need/have to/would like to accomplish before Baby P arrives this fall. My to do list has always been a million pages long, but there are definitely some key tasks that I’d like to touch on before my baby boy joins us. So here we go… My working list of goals and things to complete by November.

To Do

  • Get current on Project Life (at least 2014—in progress)
  • Update/create/redesign portfolio
  • Start blogging regularly (in progress, see?)
  • Pay off the car (questionable)
  • Design DGC website (in progress)
  • Decorate the nursery
  • Sell/toss/donate things we don’t need
  • Complete “Our Love Story” and “Our Wedding” scrapbooks
  • Get on a regular laundry & cleaning schedule
  • Start meal planning monthly
  • Get my passport
  • Take a “baby moon”


  • Print photos completed 7/30/14— printed over 300 photos from 2014 to update Project Life!
  • Get my North Carolina driver’s license completed 7/23/14—what a hassle!
  • Re-do our family budget completed 7/22/14

Feel free to hold me accountable, friends.