Our First Home


A year ago last month, Joshua and I bought our very first home. A year ago this month, we moved in! Up until then, we had been renting or living on base from duty station to duty station, but when we found out we would be stationed in North Carolina for 3 years, we decided to bite the bullet and go for it!

Well, let me back up. I still wanted to rent, but Joshua had other ideas. He wanted to buy. And not just buy any home… He wanted a brand new, never-lived-in, newly constructed home. It was a buyer’s market at the time, and interest rates were especially low. I was scared of the financial responsibility of owning our own home, but Joshua thought it would be a better idea. As it turned out, he was right. Gosh, I hate admitting that. ;-)

I’m the “family accountant” and the one who manages our budget and finances. It had never occurred to me to even consider buying a home until Joshua was out of the Marine Corps. And to be honest, I always thought our first home would be in New York, and possibly be our forever home. But after doing a ton of research into the area and real estate market, then talking to friends who were also homeowners, it became pretty clear that buying was a better option for us. At the end of it all, the monthly mortgage payments for our brand-spankin’-new four bedroom home on coastal Carolina were less than our monthly rent for our three-bedroom apartment in northern Virginia!

Of course, location had a lot to do with it. We gave up suburbia living (my favorite) for a rural area with nothing around for miles and miles except the ocean and a touristy beach town. It’s dead in the winters and full of traffic and vacationers in the summers. I have to drive 30 minute to get to Target and 45 minutes to get to Moes. Needless to say— it’s been an adjustment.

But the best part of all? We own our own home. We can decorate how we like, landscape how we like, paint how we like, live how we like. No landlords to answer to or unwanted visitors or “check-ins.” It’s alllllllll ours, baby! And what a blast I’ve had with that.

My goal when we first bought our home was to make it feel coastal and airy, calming and comfortable. I bought tons of home decor magazines (anything at all with “coastal” or “cottage” in the title) and Pinterested my heart out. It’s been such a fun adventure!

We didn’t move into our home until the Fourth of July, 2013. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to take you on a little house tour with me. It’s taken the last year for me to feel “settled” and like I can finally photograph and share the details of our home near the ocean (less than 5 miles away)! We still have lots of plans and ideas, but I’m happy with where we are for now.

I will admit that there is one room in our house that is still completely full of boxes. That room is to be our nursery, and now that we’re pregnant it’s time to get our butts in gear and finish unpacking! I’m sure that will be the last room I share. It’s lovingly (or annoyingly) referred to as the “tornado room,” courtesy of my friend Megan who has a tornado room all her own. (It really does look like a tornado touched down in there!)

To kick it off, I’m going to share photos of our empty home from before it became ours. It will be fun to see the transformation in future posts. It’s also interesting to note that this was the very first home we looked at out of about 10 homes, maybe more? We just kept coming back to it because nothing else really compared. I guess it’s a little like love; when ya know, ya know.

And now… Here we go!

31Jul14_OurFirstHome-2 31Jul14_OurFirstHome-3 31Jul14_OurFirstHome-4 31Jul14_OurFirstHome-5 31Jul14_OurFirstHome-6 31Jul14_OurFirstHome-7 31Jul14_OurFirstHome-8 31Jul14_OurFirstHome-9

I’ll be back to share more soon. Any requests for which rooms to see first? Ask me in the comments below! Have a safe and happy weekend, lovelies!


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