A Little Surprise

A couple of months ago, my sweet husband and I received a little surprise. If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you’ve probably already heard the news by now. But in case you haven’t, here is the pregnancy announcement we shared via Facebook and YouTube to all of our family and friends!

That’s right… We’re having a baby!

Since we’re a military family and we live far away from our parents, cousins, friends and relatives, we wanted to make this announcement extra special. When we found out we were pregnant on St. Patrick’s Day 2014, we thought we were about 6 weeks along. We didn’t find out until our first ultrasound that we were really about 5 weeks along when we found out, but either way it was pretty early!

I’d already planned a trip home to New York for my soon-to-be sister-in-law’s bridal shower, which fell right in between my mother and father’s birthdays. I knew I’d be seeing a good amount of my family for the shower, so I planned to record everyone’s reactions so that I could do something with them all together.

After sharing the news with my family in person, once I was back home in North Carolina I decided to record Joshua telling his family on video chat. For anyone that couldn’t video chat, I recorded their phone conversations on speaker phone.

I put it all together in iMovie over the course of a week or two– which worked out well because it took awhile to contact everyone and get their reactions, so in the meantime I was able to work on compiling the footage I already had. Last but not least, I purchased a great song to use as background music and bam! uploaded it to share with everyone out there!

We’re so excited, we could just burst. We’re also just dying to find out the sex! We have an appointment to find out this coming Saturday. Let’s hope they can tell us at 14 weeks!

I’m due Thanksgiving Day: November 27th, 2014. :-)

Goals // May 2014

may goals

Spring has me feeling re-inspired and I’m ready to rock out some new goals for May! It’s hard to believe I haven’t posted any goals since January, but blogging has a way of getting away from me and life has been very full lately! So first I’ll backtrack to see what I accomplished from January.

January Goals

  • Start blogging  I blogged a total of 3 times in the last 4 months… Not so great! But at this point anything is better than nothing.
  • Organize holiday decor into bins  My Christmas decor is totally organized, neat, and in labeled bins. My fall, winter, and Halloween decor are getting there!
  • Stretch!  Kinda sorta did this. 
  • Wear my glasses more  Wore them more in January, but not much since then. Note to self: Make eye doctor appointment!
  • Complete Graphic Grace rebranding  I ended up rebranding my blog but not quite getting to Graphic Grace. And in light of recent events (which I will be sharing in the near future), I’m pretty sure I’ll be putting business on hold for awhile.
  • Read 2 books  Negative. I started like, five books. I finished zero. They are ALL in progress and I haven’t made the time to read!
  • Decide on a plan for my office  Done! Decorated! Complete! 
  • Wear bright lipstick  Check! Reds, hot pinks, corals… I rocked them all!
  • Start a skin care regimen  Another check! Moved to natural/organic skin care and my skin is super happy because of it.
  • Send Christmas gifts + cards  Yes! I was late with them all, but they got mailed.
  • Finish nightstand project   Complete and sharing soon!
  • Prep blog for Alt Summit   Fail. Alt Summit was great, but my blog was nowhere near ready.
  • Take a bath!  Finally took a bath in our brand new tub for the first time since we moved into our brand new home… Just last week!
  • Create a base price list for design & photography services   Thought about it, but didn’t write any of it down or commit to anything.

I’d say I completed a good amount of my goals. Now let’s move on to May… My favorite month of the year! Yes, I’m a little bias… It’s my birthday month! #TeamTaurus

May Goals

  • Start blogging regularly
  • Finish organizing holiday decor into bins
  • Read 2 books
  • Sort and recycle old magazines
  • Start unpacking/organizing the tornado room (a whole room of boxes, bins, and excess!)
  • Tackle and purge the office closet
  • Project Life catch up!
  • Try a new workout DVD
  • Plan, shop, and spend a weekend doing Once A Month Cooking
  • Plan a getaway for my birthday weekend
  • Find a yoga studio and try a yoga class
  • Get my bridesmaid dress altered for my brother’s wedding (and still fit into it)!
  • Two words: Mani Pedi
  • Try try try to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night

I have my work cut out for me! A lot of organizing, a lot of catch up… Adding another note to self to start updating my design portfolio in June. I have to keep the lists manageable!

Signing off for the evening. What do you think of the new blog design? It makes me feel excited and calm at the same time!