Making the Most of It

Lots of changes going on lately. I’ve been a roller coaster of emotions, but what else is new? I’m doing my best to make the most of it. Joshua and I have had our share of distance and moves, and now that we’re just finishing up three months of living apart we’ll be reunited again just in time to pack up and head south!

Memorial Day, 2011

When I first met Joshua, he was stationed in North Carolina and I was temporarily living in Ohio for my first job post-college. Not long after we met and started dating, I moved back to my home state, New York, and Joshua deployed to Iraq.

Fast forward 3 years, an engagement, and a second deployment to Afghanistan. The long distance was killing me and all I wanted was to be with him. After an unsuccessful job search in the middle of nowhere in North Carolina, I left my job in New York to freelance and live with my lover.

We were together in North Carolina for 3 months before the military sent us to our second duty station in Virginia. I couldn’t be happier. Not only was it closer to DC and a better job market, but it was closer to home in New York (7 hours vs 12 hours, on a good day).

We fell in love with northern Virginia! It’s been the perfect medium of northern + southern state-of-minds and the best of both worlds. Not as high speed and cut throat as New York tends to be, but still ambitious and determined. Not as laid back and slooooow as North Carolina tends to be, but still relaxed and full of nice people.

Fast forward 2 1/2 years to now. We were hoping to stay in Virginia at least another year or so, possibly longer. Okay, let’s be honest— I was hoping. Joshua the Marine knew better, but thankfully he’s finally understanding my need to daydream about the things I WANT to happen versus worrying about what MIGHT happen. Anyway…

Joshua got new orders. The military is sending us back to North Carolina. At first, I was slightly devastated. Freelancing in this economy didn’t work out so well for me, so what was I going to do for work? Further south meant further away from my family than I already was, and I’m already homesick for New York an unhealthy amount. North Carolina for a grunt in the Marine Corps usually means deployments, so did that mean we’d be separated yet again? And what about the wonderful friendships I’d finally developed here in Virginia?

Thankfully, things soon started looking up. Joshua will be an infantry instructor, which (god willing) means no deployments in the foreseeable future while he’s teaching. My job is keeping me on full-time as a virtual employee, thank goodness for the company’s military spouse owner, their partnership with MSEP, and the nature of my work in social media and design. My mom is planning to move down to NC later this year (and -in- with us while she’s house hunting), so that will be amazing having her so close! I know my dad will travel to see me, and my brother isn’t TOO too far away in Pennsylvania. As for everyone else… Who doesn’t love a free place to stay that’s just 3 miles from the beautiful North Carolina beaches? I shall entice my visitors with a well-decorated guest room and promises of the ocean.

Last but not least… We’re buying a house. We’re buying a house!!! And that, my friends, is a story that needs its own sparkly new blog post. But it makes me soooo excited to move again! Military life is not always the easiest, but we try our best make the most of each little moment, all the moves, and the opportunities it provides us (and life milestones!) as best we can.

Here’s to a whole new chapter! :-)