Design Feedback, Por Favor!

Hey party people,

I redesigned my blog, finally. But help— I can’t decide if I like it or not?  I still need to add tabs to the top and a few items to the sidebar, but— I miss the RED! Ah!

I designed it to look like my wedding invitations. And wedding save-the-dates. And wedding countdown. We were married on a boat, and I just loved the navy & gold color combo. That’s where the idea came from…

But what do you all think? Like really, did you like the previous design better, if you come here enough to remember it? I kind of feel like it’s missing something— but what?

Feedback appreciated!

{Sneeky peeky for those of you who read via Google Reader}


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    I really like the new design. :) I think it’s lovely!

    It sounds like YOU might like a splash of color though, so maybe make the really beautiful navy and gold from your invites the main color scheme and the tan more of an accent.

    Or throwing in a bit of red somewhere in honor of your old layout. :)

  2. 8


    Your personality screams red! :) Love the layout and tabs. I think once you put those tabs back up at the top, it might give you the more completed feel you’re looking for?

    But overall…this layout is SO major. Like I LOVE it :)

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    Red is my favorite color, so when in doubt I always say, go for it! However, what you have right now is gorgeous and fresh. I love it.

  4. 14


    I LOVE IT!! Do you do other blog layouts/designs? I need a new layout so bad.. “/ But yeah – love the colors & everything!

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      Thanks! I have done other blog designs before… but I’m taking a break for the summer. I’ve thought about going into it more, if I thought people would be interested!

    • 17


      I love any/all things nautical themed as well! One of my friends said I’m using navy colors, but… I like navy colors! Maybe if I add red it will give it a splash of USMC? Lol. Oh well, thanks for the feedback!

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