11 in 2011: Recap

Back in January, I made a list of 11 resolutions and goals I wanted to accomplish in 2011. The plan was to update my progress on the 11th of each month. 11 in ’11 on the 11th. I think I stopped documenting mid-March, although I did still work on my resolutions outside of blog-world.
2011 is coming to a close and I’m already planning my goals for 2012. Even though I did not complete all of my goals for 2011, but I made lots of improvements and put a good deal of effort into every resolution. For that, I think making a list is totally worth it. Some people are “anti-resolutions” because they say they never follow through with what they wanted to do, but I tend to believe that every little bit helps.
For 2012, you can betchya I’ll be doing 12 in ’12 on the 12th! I’ll make a little button/graphic for anyone else that wants to join in on my mission to better yourself and your surroundings.
It helped me to categorize them by the words in bold so that I didn’t have 5 exercise goals or 2 scrapbook goals or whatever. This way, it’s one main goal for several different areas of my life. Here is the final recap on my goals & the outcomes for 2011.

1. FASHION | Fine my personal style and be more fashionable.

  • Thanks to Pinterest, I did well with this one! I started off a little rocky, but by now I have a better idea of my style and what looks I like. I have a neatly organized closet (I’ll be sharing photos soon), and I updated my wardrobe with some key pieces that work well for work, play, and staying in. I have learned that I am a lover of ballet flats (black knotted, camouflage, & red jeweled being 3 of my favorite pairs); aviator sunglasses; leggings paired with oversized shirts; cat-eyes via liquid eyeliner; wide belts; decorative headbands; anything with an artsy flair; and platinum hair. I like where this is going & look forward to getting more creative in 2012.

2. DIET | Reach my goal weight.

  • Goal weight did not happen. I was quite the yo-yo this year. But stay tuned… I’m always working on it. 

3. LOVE | Plan for & have the perfect wedding.

  • Success! Our June wedding was beautiful & everything I had hoped for. I have a bunch of “Wedding Wednesday” posts planned with all of the wonderful details. Better late than never, yeah?

4. BUSINESS | Launch my design business.

  • Success! I launched Graphic Grace Design on January 1st, 2011 (website needs an update, for sure). I had a fun variety of clients throughout the year, from close friends to small businesses. Unfortunately… the economy was not great for a design business, and I had to put GraphicGrace on hold for a bit around October. I’m now employed full-time by an awesome company that works for the DoD and military Quality of Life programs for service members and their families. I love it! I’m not giving up on GraphicGrace, I’m just trying to find a balance between my new job & my home life so I can add in freelance work on nights & weekends. Can’t give up on my dream.

5. BLOG | Redesign & upkeep my blog.

  • Redesign: success! Upkeep? Not so much. I went in spurts, updating a few weeks at a time & lagging a few weeks at a time. I’m hoping to get a schedule going for 2012 so I schedule my posts ahead of time so I don’t run out of time during the work week, when life always takes over. Blogging has been an awesome creative outlet for me and I’ve made many new friends through it this year!

6. EXERCISE | Work out 3x a week, minimum.

  • Another activity I went in spurts with. I did P90X a bit, C25K a bit, and the elliptical a whole lot. I’m happy to say that after a few months of slacking, I’m ending the year on a high note… Joshua & I have been running together 3 times a week, at night around the neighborhood. We wear glow belts (base regulations) and check out all the Christmas lights. Great motivation!

7. MONEY | Spend less, save more.

  • Well… we did spend less. Only because we had less. And had no choice. It was a rough year for us financially, what with wedding expenses, moving twice, and several months of only being on a military income. Not the highlight of the year, for sure. This goal will surely be extended into 2012. And probably the rest of our lives. Just sayin.’

8. TIME MANAGEMENT | Be 5 minutes early. Everywhere.

  • Ha. This one was a bit of a joke. I guess it was hit or miss. I averaged between being 5 minutes early, or 5 minutes late. I was usually no later than that, although I can’t say it didn’t happen from time to time. Overall… I still need improvement in this department.

9. SCRAPBOOK | Get up to date with j&d scrapbooks.

  • Okay. Although I am not “up to date” on my j&d scrapbooks (joshua & danielle), I did make progress. I started a new album I’m calling “Our Love Story,” and a good portion of 2011 is documented in Project Life. So like I said, progress but not completion. To be continued in 2012!

10. KINDNESS | “Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.”

  • This one was hard to judge, but I’d call it a success! Any time I had the opportunity to give to a charity or donate a few dollars to people going door-to-door or requests at cash registers, I did. When my friends had fundraisers, I donated… even if it was just a small amount. The couple times we were able to help out friends or people in need, we did. We also made donations to Wounded Warriors, American Cancer Society, and Adopt-A-Family. So if any of that counts? I’d say… yeah… this was more of a success.

11. KEEP IN TOUCH | Regularly update email, photos, Facebook, & website.

  • I need to get better at responding to email in a timely manner, I need to stay on top of my websites to keep them up-to-date, but I was better at updating my photos & Facebook life! I love Facebook because it’s the quickest, most effective way for me to keep in touch with our long-distance family & friends. I did go on a big deleting spree and “unfriended” those I did not keep in contact with regularly. It was part of organizing my online life and streamlining what information is shared with who. That made it easier to update things and stay on top of it all. I will definitely be doing it again from time to time. I recommend it!

So there you have it. I’m excited to start it all again in 2012… with 12 new (or updated) goals & resolutions! Anyone want to join me?


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    Awesome! I just wrapped up my 11 in 2011, and am already thinking of joining you again for 12 in 2012…it was so good for me to have goals written down to hold me accountable to working on them!

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