Lately I am loving:

♥ Feathers in my hair (on a headband— no fuss & super transitional!)

♥ My new red Filofax (in Adelphi red with my favorite new Vera Bradley pen)

♥ iPhone 4S (how did I go so long without one of these? I feel so CONNECTED)

♥ OPI Silver Shatter nail polish (over OPI Black Tie Optional)

Makin’ Moves

Once upon a time… I fell off the face of the earth.
Just kidding!
Well hello there, strangers. It’s been some time, hasn’t it? Like over two months? Shame on me, I know… I was just going through a bit of a rough patch and not quite sure how to handle it. That, and a blog identity crisis.
You know… the usual.
Highlights of the past couple months have included:

♥ Moving! Husband & I are now living in a lovely town home on base. And we love it.

♥ Dressing up as Kat Von D for Halloween. With my exorcist priest husband, Father Karras.

♥ New job! I’m back to being a corporate creative professional, working at a company that does all their work for the Department of Defense… specifically in programs to aid military families! Hollerrrr.

♥ Wedding season coming to a close— Felice & Nikki’s weddings were completely gorgeous, and now we have a new engagement to celebrate. Megan!

♥ Sergeant! Husband was promoted and I might just be the proudest wife on the planet. Go Joshua! Love to see his hard work rewarded.

♥ Breaking Dawn midnight premiere. Don’t even get me started… I’m so obsessed.

♥ The Marine Corps Ball! And seeing Justin Timberlake in real life. Yes, ours was the ball he attended. :-)

♥ An amazingly wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with my family in New York. I am so, so, so thankful for each and every one of them.

So what would you like to see photos of? You know I have photos of each and every memory. The blog may be put on pause, but the camera never is!