PROJECT: Blue & Yellow Dove Wedding Invitations

Two of my closest friends, Felice and Christian, are getting married this Friday. Felice and I have known each other since we were 10 years old and we went through all of middle school and high school together, then road trips throughout college from Boston to Rhode Island to Albany to New Jersey together… we both transferred schools throughout college, but that never stopped us from seeing each other.
Christian just finished up his 4-year enlistment in the U.S. Marine Corps. He served with Joshua at Camp Lejeune, and they deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan together. I met Joshua in January of 2008, the same month he met Christian and he became his closest friend in the USMC. So really, I’ve known Christian just as long as Joshua.
In the summer of 2009, Felice was planning to move down to North Carolina in between her semesters at nursing school. The boys had just gotten back from Iraq that spring, and Joshua and I thought it would be fun to set them up for a “summer fling.” Little did we know… it would turn into the real thing! 
For their save-the-date and invitations, Felice and Christian asked me to work with their colors, blue and yellow, and also with the dove theme they chose for their wedding. Blue is the couple’s favorite color, and yellow was Felice’s father’s favorite. He passed away when we were in high school. Doves also represent him to Felice. It’s such a special way to include his memory on their wedding day!
Felice and Christian were with us when Joshua proposed to me; Felice and I moved down to North Carolina in fall of 2010 and found places just 20 minutes apart; Christian was the best man at our wedding and Felice was one of my bridesmaids; I’m maid-of-honor at Felice’s wedding and Joshua is a groomsman. We’re one big happy family, really!
After the wedding, Felice will be moving up to Rochester where Christian is from, and Joshua and I will still be in Virginia until our next duty station comes along. It’ll be the furthest apart we’ve been in years!
Obviously though, we’ve made the distance work with our lovers during deployments, and we’ve made it work throughout our 15+ year friendship and all the moving around we’ve done. I’m so excited to take part in their special day. Now I’d best be off to polish off my maid-of-honor speech!


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    Wow, those are AMAZING!! They look great :)

    I wouldn’t worry about drifting apart. You two seem really close and if you keep in touch with each other frequently, then you have no reason to worry about your relationship being hindered by distance. Plus, you’re a pro at long distance relationships too :)

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