Our Wedding Invitations

I’m finally back with a very belated Wedding Wednesday post! (Happy Thursday, everyone.) Today I want to share our wedding invitations with you! Joshua and I chose to incorporate our wedding colors, navy and gold, as well as a nautical theme into our invitations… after all, our wedding was on a boat!

We knew we wanted a pocketfold to hold our enclosures and invite, and this shimmery sapphire pocketfold was exactly what we had in mind! It definitely gave it the elegant feel we were going for.

As it turned out, we needed just one extra punch of color— an “accent color,” as it were— so we chose to add a turquoise compass in the design of each piece. Then, we were lucky enough to find gorgeous Japanese patterned paper with the navy, gold, and the turquoise!

For the enclosures, we wanted something a bit more personal and fun than the traditionally worded “Directions,” “RSVP”, etc. So we came up with the following:

Anchors Away | itinerary & info for guests
Orientation | directions
Boarding Pass | RSVP card
So much fun to play around and come up with some unique plays on words!
Last but not least, we ordered custom stamps for our RSVP envelopes. People generally put these on the outer envelopes, but since a.) they were expensive, b.) they would get covered in post office stamps and marks, and c.) most people just toss the outer envelope once they receive the invitation, we put them on our RSVP envelopes. It was also great to get them all back in the mail! That way we got to enjoy them even more, and instead of them getting messed up in the mail our guests were sure to see them as well.
Below are all the elements of our save-the-date and invitation design. I posted a how-to post on how I made our save-the-dates awhile back, so feel free to check that out too if you’re feeling crafty!


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