Grace in Ink

Surprise! Guess what I did? Last month… I got my first ever tattoo!

I was home in New York visiting my family, and on a whim, my cousin Amanda and I went to the tattoo shop my mom and uncle. I needed my mom for moral support, and my Uncle Bob (dad’s brother, Amanda’s dad) has the most tattoos in the family. So I definitely wanted him there!

I’ve always wanted a wrist tattoo. I know it’s a bit taboo for some, but I’ve always loved them and thought them to be so dainty. I wanted a word, but it had to be meaningful. So what better a word than grace? Not only is it a family name, my middle name, and my business name… it’s also a word, with a whole lot of meaning.

I chose to get it in the font that I selected for my business logo (and upcoming new blog design)! I love this font to death, and I didn’t just pick it out of a book. I researched it for months, then carefully chose it for all of my stationery and correspondence. Yay!

Amanda also got her 4th tattoo, the word breathe on her wrist. I was with her for her first tattoo on her 18th birthday a few years ago, so it was only fair that she was there with me for mine. Husband even understood, and wasn’t at all upset he wasn’t with me. Such a great guy!


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    I love me some tattoos :) I’ve got “I love you to the moon and back” around my left wrist and a couple others in various places :) I’m addicted.

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