Love Like Cake

For our rehearsal dinner, I wanted to surprise Joshua with a grooms cake. I called up my friend Sandy, who I worked with on a big bakery design project up in New York at my previous job. She’s super talented, and I knew she’d be able to come up with any theme I asked for.

After lots and lots of brainstorming (patriotic themed cake? Marine Corps themed cake? running themed cake?), I decided to ask Sandy if she could do a tattoo inspired cake, since Joshua has (and loves) tattoos. I figured it wouldn’t be too over-the-top with our already military-themed wedding, but would be unique to Joshua and something he enjoys.

WELL. Sandy is just brilliant, because after sending her some examples I liked and directing her to my blog, which currently has the tattoo theme… she took the idea and ran with it, even asking me to send photos of Joshua’s tattoos and company info so she could incorporate it into the cake design!

You guys, I seriously cried when she delivered the cake to us. Not even kidding. It was so special, so personal, and so beautiful that I just couldn’t help it. The swallows, the roses, Joshua’s old & new unit info, the big sparkly silver dog tag, the little red heart good luck charm… it came out absolutely amazing. She included both of us in the cake design, and it was so much more than I expected.

Not to mention delicious! Joshua isn’t a fan of chocolate, so when I listed off a few of his favorite flavors (cheesecake, key lime, vanilla, etc.) to my delight, Sandy made a key lime flavored cake with cream cheese flavored frosting. It was outta this world delicious!

The grooms cake was a special part of our rehearsal dinner, and I’m so happy so many photos were taken of it. Thanks to Val for the bottom left photo and Megan for the first and last photos. Even bigger thanks to Sandy for such a lovely cake, if you ever read this! Everyone at the dinner loved it just as much as we did. :-)


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    My husband got a Michigan & Military one… small sheetcakes from walmart, nothing even close to this. What an awesome thing to have, great choice! Your cake artist did amazing =)

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