USMC Cake Topper? Check!

16 days: Together in North Carolina, Fall 2009

16 days to go. Final payments are due, final dress fittings, final phone calls, final touches. I still have a million and ten things on my plate before I can even begin to feel comfortable that everything will be smooth sailing… literally, haha!

To top everything off, two weeks ago I was in a car accident. My car is in the shop until the end of June, so I don’t have any transportation until I learn to drive Joshua’s truck… which is manual and ridiculously huge. When it rains, it pours… right?!

I’m fine, and no other drivers were injured. It’s just a big deductible and a pain in the ass. ;-)

On the bright side, I picked up my cake topper!

Is this not the sweetest thing in the world? I had a few picked out, but the Precious Moments was Joshua’s favorite. I got to choose our hair colors, the flower colors, and the rank and medals for the dress blue uniform! She got ALL nine of his medals on there… including his NAM and combat V!

I ordered from a woman I found on Ebay called “The Cake Top Lady!” She was so sweet and so nice to work with. The link to her store is Military Custom Caketops. It was definitely something that had to be budgeted for, but I found that the customized toppers were all about the same price in catalogs and online.

We’re going to keep this cake topper forever… I just always remember being fascinated with my parent’s cake topper that my mom kept on her dresser my entire childhood. It was so pretty, and such a special everyday reminder of their wedding day. I plan to do the same! ♥


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    Aw, Dani, I am so happy for you! I am sorry about the wreck — the picture looked frightening, but that cake topper is definitely adorable! It’s incredible that she was able to get all that onto it. Very talented woman!

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    Sorry about your accident, I am glad you’re ok!! And I HATE drivig stick. Ugh. Good luck.

    And of course adorable cake topper. Ours was personalized coloring/medals too, but not precious moments. So cute.

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    Congrats on your wedding! Coming up so soon! Yay! The cake topper is absolutely adorable. And I think it is awesome you were able to personalize it so much! I found you on MMH!

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