Couponing, Take II

Hello, blog loves! I wanted to post an update on my venture into couponing-land. In my first post about this complicated new world, I showed the little accordion coupon organizer I started with. I’ve since collected many, many more coupons, and so I switched to the binder method to hold them all.

I’m still getting better at it, and saving more each time I coupon. But I’ll be honest… sometimes it’s just too much work, and so I’ll tell Joshua, “Screw couponing this week, let’s just go to the commissary and I don’t want to even think about my coupons!” Then of course, I get home and find all the coupons I could have used on said shopping trip, and then I just feel guilty.

When I do actually have my act together though, I save tons! It’s become such a game for us. Joshua helps too. He pushes the shopping cart and crosses the items off the list. I’m the psycho running from one aisle to the next, clinging to my stack of coupons and double checking the list a hundred times. Oh, I’m so annoying. And he’s such a saint. :-)

Being the girly-girl that I am, I of course had to have a hot pink zip-up binder. Which I found at Walmart (but you can find here or here). Which included a matching hot pink pencil pouch. Then I got my dividers at Staples, and I ordered my coupon inserts in several different sizes off Amazon (one two three). I also got the folder to hold lists and things and the velcro folder for loose/extra coupons at Staples.

I shopped around a bit to find the right materials for me, because I have to be organized to get anything done correctly. I also re-did my coupon categories to better suit the way I shop. So far, so good! Now, the trick is to stay on top of things and up-to-date.

Hopefully I will get better at this after the wedding!


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    very jealous of your organization D! I am still using the small organizer and it definitely takes me more time going through all of them to make my lists. I will have to steal your idea and get more organized!

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