Lover’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, blog land. My lover boy is in the field today and tomorrow, so it’s just me and the pup this year. We did have a fun-filled weekend Saturday at IKEA and yesterday at the commissary, and topped it off by exchanging cards and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates late last night. :-)

That was, of course, before we stayed up until 3am getting Joshua’s gear all packed up and prepping our meals for the week. We totally hit up Target a few minutes before closing to get Joshua a lunch bag for this field op. Hehe.

We’ve only spent one Valentine’s Day together in 4 years, thanks to the Marine Corps! Ah well. It’s a hard corps love kinda thing, this military lifestyle. And if he’s happy, I’m happy.

Enjoy your loved ones today!

11 in ’11 | February Update (Part 1)

{Take for your blog!}

Hello, February! I seriously don’t feel that I did a whole lot toward my resolutions this past month, so I’m looking forward to breaking it down right now and getting pumped for March’s edition!

1. FASHION | Find my personal style and be more fashionable.

  • Okay, so… I’ve been making modest attempts this past month. When I leave the house, that is. When I’m home, I’m in yoga pants and sweatshirts all day. Ha. I guess that’s the beauty of having a “home office,” eh? But seriously, I do take my time to assemble my outfits when I’m going out, and I even count the gym as “going out” (it’s amazing the things that become outings when you do stay at home all day) and I wear my cute little workout outfits and feel good about that.
  • I haven’t picked up Lauren Conrad’s Style book since I last posted, though I did read through all of it except the makeup section. I have a few new style books on my list I’ll be reading next. In the meantime, do you like fashion blogs? I do. These are my fave:
  • The Daybook
  • Selective Potential
  • What I Wore
  • Blonde Bedhead
  • Sterling Style
  • Seriously, check these ladies out… they’re awesome and inspiring! Do you have any recommendations for fashion/style blogs or books?

2. DIET | Reach my goal weight.

  • As a matter of fact, I rejoined Weight Watchers, my fave program, just last week… and I already lost 3.8 pounds this week! Whoo hoo. I had joined before Christmas but slacked off with the move, and it feels great to be back on track. I love their cookbooks! And I’m obsessed with the new PointsPlus program. It’s awesome. I can eat all the fruit I want… and I do!

3. LOVE | Plan for & have the perfect wedding.

  • In progress! I’ve booked our hotel for our wedding night, ordered my garter, ordered the bridesmaids gifts, ordered my jewelry… I’m making some headway! Now, if only I could sort out this guest accommodations situation. More on this in a future post.

4. BUSINESS | Launch my design business.

  • Graphic Grace Design launched January 1st, and I’ve since added two pages… please follow me! 
  • GGD on Facebook
  • GGD on Twitter
  • I’ve registered my business in the state of Virginia, and filed for an EIN with the IRS. We’re legit, baby!
  • I have 3 new clients this month alone… all brides to be, with wedding stationery projects. My favorite.

5. BLOG | Redesign & upkeep my blog.

  • Blog design: complete. I went with a “tattoo” theme, kind of emphasizing the “hard core” part of “Hard Corps Love.” I myself don’t have any tattoos… yet. I’m too indecisive. But I love swallow tattoos and so of course I incorporated both those and hearts! I like the look for now… hopefully it lasts awhile.
  • Blog upkeep: getting better. I am getting better, aren’t I?
Unfortunately, lover boy and I have dinner plans tonight, so I’ll have to finish up these updates in a bit. For now, I’m off for some Mexican with a very hot date! Happy Friday, everyone. :-)

Google Does Weddings!

Hey guys… Okay, so I realize it isn’t Wednesday, but this just couldn’t wait. I’m in total awe of this, and I think it’s pretty sweet! Yesterday, Google announced Google Weddings. For real? Yes. Yes indeed.

You can make your own wedding website & upload photos, which is pretty typical of most wedding planning sites, but… the Google Docs wedding tools are by far the coolest. It does all the math for you, and offers a lot more planning tools then most wedding planning sites already out there. Love, love, love.

I will for sure be using some of these tools in the last few stages of my planning.

Alright, I promise… enough with the wedding stuff for now… I know things here have been all about weddings lately and I’ll try to change the subject soon.

I just. Can’t. Help it.

I love weddings, yes I do!

I think it’s so funny when my blog stats show I have a visitor from Tasmania. Really, Tasmania? So random, yet I don’t believe anyone from Tasmania has ever left me a comment. Hmm.

Sooo… honestly, I’ve been semi-busy as usual. We’re still unpacking and getting all moved in! Our little Gypsy has been keeping us on our toes… she’s so stinkin’ cute, we just love her to pieces!

{source: LWPI}

Possibly the most exciting thing is that I was just accepted into a program to become a Certified Wedding Planner! I am soSOso happy about this. How did this come about, asks you?

So randomly, one of those community college continuing-ed flyers came in the mail, and they had an “Intro to Wedding Planning” course. I signed up for it spontaneously (with Joshua’s blessing, of course) and took the two-night course out of curiosity, and then just knew… this was something I wanted to do!

You all know how obsessed I’ve been with planning my own wedding… I think the “Wedding Wednesday” posts may give that away, yeah? ;-) When I saw this was something I could be professionally trained for, I jumped at the chance to check it out.

After the class ended, I did my research and found a full certification program through an online wedding institution… I’m just waiting for my course books and I start in a couple of weeks!

Here are my thoughts…

  • I love everything about weddings, and I don’t want the planning to end when I’m done with mine.
  • I love designing wedding stationery, and I want to continue doing so.
  • I could offer my stationery/custom design services as a package deal with my wedding planning services.
  • Even if I only continue to design invitations/stationery/etc., I’m giving myself more credibility by marketing myself as a certified wedding planner.
  • Eventually, I’d also love to offer photography services for engagement sessions or what not, also to be included in a possible “package deal.”
  • Eventually, some of my friends/family may also want to join me and we can do this together across the country (a couple have already approached me with shared excitement)!
I guess I’ll just see where it all goes. For now, I am just SO excited. YAY WEDDINGS!!!