Red Wedding Shoes, Revisited

Recently, one of my past blog posts about my desire to wear red shoes with my wedding gown has been getting a ton of hits… I have no idea what the sudden surge is, but it seems that a lot of people are just as obsessed with red wedding shoes as I am! Here are lots more red wedding shoe photos for brides and bridesmaids. I’m in love with all of them, and found a ton of awesome inspiring photographer’s sites in the meantime. Enjoy!

{source: Joe Elario Photography}
{source: Real Photography}
{source: Jules Bianchi Photography}
{source: Sweet Fashion Design}
{source: Stacy Able Photography}

{source: Sweetchic Events}
{source: Eric Hegwer Photography}
{source: Sara Heinrichs Photography}
{source: Young Designs}
{source: Gersham Photography c/o With This Ring}
{source: Ampersand Photography c/o With This Ring}
{source: Jason Crader Photography}
{source: Hoffer Photography}
{source: Becky Hill Photography}
{source: ChocoStudio}
{source: Instant de Bonheur}
{source: Elisabeth Millay Photography}
{source: Luce Bella}
{source: Pink Posh Photography}



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    It was my dream to wear red shoes with my dress, but I couldn’t find any I liked in time. :( Then I accidentally wound up wearing some old “lake” flip-flops because in all the craziness I forgot to change out of them before the ceremony.

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    Anonymous says

    Love it! My fiance’s surname is cherry – so I’m wearing cherry red shoes! better than trying to match ivory!!!

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