Wedding Wednesday #9

It’s been 4 months since my last Wedding Wednesday post, can you believe it? But in just 3 days, the big day is already only SIX MONTHS away, eeeeeee!!!!! So I think it’s time to get back into the swing of my weekly posts with wedding updates.

In honor of the return of my Wedding Wednesday posts, I’ve made a cute little header to use every Wednesday from now on. I also have a whole, big, long list of fun posts to share with you over the next 6 months!

My excitement this month is that I finally sent out our save-the-dates, a little more than 6 months before our wedding. I had planned to send them off much sooner, but alas, I procrastinated. Without further ado, here are the save-the-dates I designed for Joshua & my wedding!

A few things to note:

  • Our colors have changed from navy & yellow to navy & champagne/gold.
  • This change came about in September when my beautiful bridesmaids and I chose their dresses & shoes, and the champagne just matched everything so much nicer than yellow.
  • My new “Wedding Wednesday” header compliments the design a bit… I love themes!
  • Yes, our wedding is actually a cruise, on a boat on Lake George. 
I was so excited to send them out!
Would anyone be interested in seeing a “how to” post for how I made/assembled them? I took photos throughout the process and I’d love to share them here if you’d like to see.
One last thing to note:
  • My wedding posts always have an abundance of exclamation points. I just can’t help it! Apologies. :-)
More to come next Wednesday!


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