Hello friends! So I thought I’d share how I made my save-the-dates, since it was a fun & interesting process and I like reading other blogs about how people make their own save-the-dates. Now that these are all shipped off and in the hands of our future guests, I figure it’s safe to share them here! Let’s get started.

Step 1. DESIGN! Come up with your concept, theme, colors, fonts, etc. Or, if you’re not a designer yourself and/or don’t have the programs to use, hire a designer like me to design them for you! To save money, you can have someone design them and you can put them together yourself.

I used Adobe Illustrator for my save-the-dates, since working as a packaging designer for the past few years it’s become my go-to program. But Adobe InDesign would work great, too. Or even QuarkXPress, if you’re old school like some! (I have and use both programs for various projects, depending on the client’s needs.)

Buy or download a cool font to make your save-the-dates unique, too. You can even suggest a font to your designer if you find one that really suits your style or speaks to you. I personally am a font freak and I adore fonts. I didn’t want to use the same font as anyone else, so I purchased the script on and had the other two from previous downloads/purchases. MyFonts is my fave site to purchase fonts. is my fave for free fonts. Anyone can download them, Mac or PC.

Step 2.  REVISE! I’m never satisfied with the work I do for myself, so I go through rounds and rounds of revisions until I like what I have. I hang them on the wall so I can take a step back and look at everything. Don’t forget to ask for advice from your fiancĂ© or mom! They both helped me make decisions and gave me honest, positive feedback.

Step 3. Start cutting paper! I love the look of layered papers (it must be the scrapbooker in me), so I chose to print my design on textured, cream colored paper from Archivers (their Yours Truly line is my favorite) and then mount them on a textured navy blue cardstock. So first, trim your cardstock. To make it easier, I used a paper trimmer.

 Step 4. Keep cutting paper! For the most precise trimming on the papers with my design, I used an x-acto knife and a ruler. Remember to keep changing the blade for the cleanest cuts… I’d say every 20-30 sheets of paper, if not earlier. I printed two 5×7 designs on one 8.5×11 piece of paper to save paper.

Step 5. Keep cutting. Seriously, this took the longest of the entire process. Okay, well, maybe designing them took the longest. But then this!

Step 6. Break of your adhesive and start gluing/taping/mounting your printed designed paper onto the solid cardstock paper. Honestly, most adhesives work the same. You could probably even use double sided tape, but I just feel better knowing my adhesive is scrapbook-quality and archive safe. The one I used above is discontinued, but any of the tape rollers are definitely your best bet! They go on quickly and are very strong. This Scrapbook Adhesives E-Z Runner is another of my favorites.

 Step 7. Ta-da! Once you’ve adhered your papers together, you’re all done!

Step 8. Just admire your hard work. I felt so relieved when I finally had them all together. One step in the wedding stationery process complete.

Step 9. If you’re so inclined, print your enveloped for an extra personalized touch. I set up a file on my computer to print on a 5×7 piece of paper, and I just ran my envelopes through, one at a time. Just make sure you aren’t printing on the side of the envelope with the flap! It definitely helps to do a test run on a plain piece of paper first before going all out on your actual envelopes.

Step 10. Oh! Last but not least, I added a sticker to the back of each save-the-date with our wedding website for guests to go to for more info on our wedding. Since we have a lot of out-of-town guests coming (and lots of questions from family & friends), we found it easiest to direct them to our website for all the details!

Did I also mention that I designed our website to match our save-the-dates? I know. I’m a little nuts. Just a little.

If any of you have designed your own save-the-dates, please share! I’d love to see what everyone’s look like.


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    Those are great! I love it when people make their own save-the-dates and other paper items – it’s so personal!!! Awesome work – you are so creative!

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