Wedding Wednesday #8

I have been seriously slacking in my wedding planning the past few months. Luckily, this is the weekend my beautiful bridesmaids come up to try on dresses! I’ve considered posting photos of the dresses I want them to try on (my mom and I narrowed it down to two), but like my wedding gown, I think I want their dresses to be a surprise.

Lately I’ve become mesmerized by the idea of wearing red shoes with my gown. Yes, I know it will make things a bit patriotic with the white gown and navy bridesmaid dresses… but my shoes will be hidden and after all, it is a military wedding. The yellow would break it up a bit, too. And in the photos of just Joshua and I, they would look adorable being photographed together with him in his dress blues!

{source: Orchard Cove Photography c/o Little Black Book}

{source: Belathée Photography c/o Santa Barbara Chic Blog}

{source: Wedding Plans}

{source: Cook Images c/o The Knot}
{source: Sedona Bride}

I knew I wanted to wear colored shoes, but red was also my mom’s idea. She’s so good! Here are a few other colored shoe ideas to ponder… I so ♥ wedding planning!

{source: Elizabeth Anne Designs c/o Marcella’s Bridal}

{source: Marcella’s Bridal}

{source: Table 6 Productions}

{source: Whitebox Weddings c/o With This Ring}

We’re going to check out shoes (for my myself and the bridesmaids) after dress shopping. I just to find a heel that isn’t too high. Not really for comfort’s sake… I can rock the high heels. It’s just… Joshua is only a few inches taller than me! ;-)

I know he doesn’t care, but… I do. Updates soon! The big day is ten months exactly from today! ♥

1/30/11 UPDATE: Check out my 2nd post of more red wedding shoes next!


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    Hi! Thanks for entering my giveaway! :) With your entry we met our goal!

    I SOOO wanted to wear sexy red shoes at our wedding. But through a comedy of errors (not finding heels short enough, buying random shoes the day before the wedding, then ultimately forgetting the shoes anyway!) it just didn’t work out.

    Nice to meet a fellow P90X enthusiast. I’ve fallen off the wagon lately but I’m trying to get back in the groove!

  2. 4


    James is only three inches taller than me! I can’t wear really tall heels, because it really bothers James. I want to wear either really bright red pumps, or shiny silver ones!

  3. 5


    I wore red shoes! and I loved it! I got lots of compliments and I think it will look adorable in the pictures of you two with his dress blues! :)

  4. 6


    I wore red shoes =)


    I actually have 5 different wedding entries, check out my “about” page for all the links.

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