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Hello blog friends, I’m back! I’ve had a busy month and I’ve missed my blog. Especially after I convinced several of my close friends to start their own… I’m setting such a bad example! Hehe.

A few quick updates, then words and pictures for the rest:

  • Joshua was able to call from the satellite phone today… I am so in love with that man! He sounded tired but was doing well. He said the perfect words and was just his all-around amazing self, kicking ass and helping his Marines. 
  • This Friday is our halfway mark through the deployment (if I’m counting correctly) and also one year until our wedding day! I love the 18th.
  • I started P90X Lean this morning, ooh rah! My first workout was core synergistics and it kicked my ass! I purchased the program last week and I’m surprising Joshua with it. We were going to do it together when he gets back from Afghanistan, but I want to surprise him with already having it and having a hot body to welcome him home!
  • This is my week to get back on track and turn over a new leaf just in time for summer. I’m starting back with my “Wedding Wednesdays” and “Scrapbook Sundays”, I’m cleaning out and organizing my life, and starting a new workout routine. Good stuff.

Those of you that don’t know me in real life probably don’t know that I’m obsessed with my day planner. Seriously, the thing is like my bible. I can’t believe how much I’ve been busy with since Joshua left. Every day seems like the longest day ever, but looking back at the past few months, I guess time really is passing by. Aside from working everyday from 8:30am-5:00pm, check out my nutty schedule!

Don’t mind the white-out. Those were classes I signed up for but canceled. The hearts are days Joshua called home!

Definitely time for a hair appointment! I have one this Wednesday. Yay!

This is the month I became too busy to blog. I wonder why? LoL.
This is my June so far. I had some down time last week, thankfully. But I did some freelance work those days. Always a job to be done!

Bed time for me… part of my “new leaf” is getting to bed by 11pm so I can get up at 5am to do my P90X workouts! It’s now 11:10pm and I’m falling behind schedule. More this week!


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    I like your planner, I want one like it , but can’t see to find one I like. It looks like you staying busy while your man is gone that is good. Stop by and check out my blog I left something for you. : )

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