Wedding Wednesday #4

So this is going to be a quickie since it’s late and I must get to bed! I sacrificed this evening’s blog for dinner with some friends from work, the gym, and creating care package #6 for my beloved! I know I missed my Wedding Wednesday post last week when I promised to post the final 2 color schemes and themes I’m considering for the wedding, so I’ll be back tomorrow for a Wedding Wednesday (Observed). My mom and I are going to look at bridesmaid dress tomorrow after I’m home from work, too. So much to share, and luckily I have plenty of time to do it… you’ll all be so sick of Wedding Wednesdays by this time next year (our wedding is booked for June 18th, 2011).

Tonight’s topic: wedding rings! Joshua and I bought our wedding bands before he deployed. It was just one of those things… we’d been looking together every time we were at the mall or passed a jewelry store, and when we found the ones we liked we snatched them up! I’m in absolute adoration of my band, as well as Joshua’s.

The band matches my engagement ring perfectly! The diamonds are exactly the same shape and color, and my ring fits into the little inset just right. It’s a gorgeous set and I’m so excited for it!

Both rings are Leo diamonds. My honey did his homework before selecting my engagement ring, and my diamond is oh so sparkly. I’d originally had other rings in mind for my wedding band, and Joshua indulged me while I tried them on at different stores and told me he didn’t think they were the best match. He’s the one who chose my wedding band at the jewelry store, told me to try it on, and had me completely sold the minute the rings were matched on my finger. True love, I tell you. For the man and the ring!

This is Joshua’s wedding band:

Isn’t is just fantastic? It’s black tungsten carbide with laser etching. It looks perfect on his hand. We picked it out together and I’m so happy he loves his band, too!

I’ll be back tomorrow for another post and to catch up on reading everyone’s blogs and leaving comments. :)


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    Gorgeous!! Your engagement ring is much like mine! I absolutely love that band though!! with all the diamonds! So pretty!!! His ring is so awesome! I love that color!

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    Beautiful!!!! I can’t wait to see what you pick out for bridesmaid dresses. I’m actually feeling like I’m apart of your wedding planning…I LOVE it!

    BTW..I have a FREE giveaway on my blog…come by and check it out!

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    Isn’t tungsten carbide virtually indestructible? Since Mike is out in the field a lot… He wants that sort of material so nothing happens.

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