Wedding Wednesday #3

For the next 3 Wedding Wednesdays, I’m going to share the color schemes I’ve been contemplating/considering since Joshua and I began planning our wedding. I love color way too much, and I’ve been very indecisive thus far. Since planning our June 2011 wedding date, I’ve been choosing from the following color shemes:

Peacock/Royal Blue
Navy and Yellow/Nautical
And then just today, I found a bunch of awesome red/white/blue Nautical color schemes that I don’t think I’ll go with, but I just love! We’re having a military wedding and both Joshua and his groomsmen (3/5) will be wearing their dress blues, so no matter what, navy is a color in the mix!
This week, I’ll start with the Nautical themes. I’m not crazy about having red in my wedding (I just feel like it’s “expected” since it’s a military wedding on a boat on the water), but I definitely found some inspiration and some really cute ideas in these “inspiration boards” I found online. I just have to get better at crediting where I found them. I usually just keep them in a folder for my own viewing… Enjoy!
Aren’t they so cute? Our wedding will be on a boat (similar to the one directly above, but bigger since we’re having around 100 people)… therefore no sea shells since it’s a lake, not the ocean. If I went with this color scheme, I’d need to make it pretty clear that it’s not a “beach” wedding… I think it’s important to note the difference between “beach” and “nautical.” 
The more I look at these photos, the more I like them… I think you all will have to help me decide after I post the next two color schemes in the coming weeks! 


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    Hi there! I am a new follower. My Fiance just got home from a deployment to Iraq and I pretty much planned our whole wedding while he was gone, so we have a lot in common!

    I look forward to following you on this journey and if you ever need an ear to listen I am here!

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    I planned my wedding while my husband was deployed too! So it looks like there are three of us in common (I’m sure more to come)!

    I love the bride with red shoes under her dress. I did the same thing (only lime green) – let’s face it, we’re never going to wear those stuffy white satin shoes again….

    I’m with Mateya, if you need a little extra support – here I am, even though we’ve never met!

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    Those are adorable! I actually tried not to have a themed wedding, but if you are having your wedding on a boat, I think nautical would look really nice and fitting! Roo and I are both really simple, and I only had 2 months to plan, so there wasn’t a whole lot of detail. I think cute little details are awesome! And you have enough time to make it happen too!!

    You are doing great planning Dani! I know you are probably concerned with Joshua’s input. ( I planned our wedding while the boys were in Yuma last fall). Anyways, in the end, Roo was not overly concerned about the details, and he just wanted me to be happy. Besides, you probably know what Joshua would like anyways :) I know its hard not to run things by him, but just know that you are doing great!!

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    i think it was a good idea not to go red white and blue due to it would look less nautical and more patriotic considering, IF he is gonna wear dress blues, Josh refuses to wear his! haha i am doing light yellow and pink but i really like your yellow and blue!

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    Felice says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the red shoes peeking underneath the red dress. I think if you aren’t going to do red in your wedding, it would be a nice touch for the military wedding AND the nautical theme. You should consider it!

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    Q wore his dress blues, I wore (the girls as well) bright red shoes, my bridesmaids wore cute knee-length black dresses and the groomsmen wore black military cut tux’s with red vests/ties. Our accent color was gold. It ended up looking like a very sophisticated wedding. We loved it… I can send you a link to photos if you’d like =)

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