Wedding Wednesday #2

I’m back again after last week’s Wedding Wednesday failure! Tonight, I’m hoping to have better luck. I’ve been getting lots of ideas from the many wedding shows, bridal magazines, and online research I’ve done, so I’ll just start by sharing some of these ideas and cool things I’ve found… Here we go!
This past January, I attended my very first bridal show. It was! I’ve been to two more since then. There were all kinds of vendors set up with info about photographers, bakeries, venues, music, jewelry, flowers, a surprising number of weight loss programs (?), gowns, etc. I went with my Mom & my cousin Amanda (who will be a bridesmaid in my wedding!) and collected all sorts of brochures, business cards, samples, you name it! I have lots of info to share. Note that I still have to go over everything with Joshua, since his input is very important in our wedding planning and he wants to be involved!

So far, I can tell you we’re planning to have a military wedding. We’ve chosen our date, venue, colors, rings, my dress, his attire, bridal party, and some other things! But all that will come in future Wedding Wednesdays. For now, let’s start back at where I started in my wedding planning process.

My first choice of venue was the beautiful Sagamore resort on Lake George. I’d been wanting to get married there since I was young… of course, in reality it ended up being very pricey and very much out of our budget. I’m now considering having either the engagement party there or simply staying there the nights before/after the wedding. Maybe even having a photo session there? Still, you can daydream with me…

My #1 priority for the wedding is the photographer… if you know me, this obviously makes sense. I fell in LOVE with this photographer, Mitch Wojnarowicz. His work is absolutely breathtaking and stunning… it’s exactly the style I want: photojournalistic. I have to have him! I called him a month too early and was told to call again the beginning of April for his 2011 pricing. Hopefully this time next week, I can report back with news.

That last one is at the Sagamore!

Next, I fell in love with these old fashioned cars that I think would be SO classy, although I’m not sure that Joshua and I will even need a car since the ceremony and reception are at the same location. I don’t know if people rent cars from the hotel to the ceremony? Either way, a cool idea!

I particularly liked the 1963 Bentley and the tuxedo 1950 Rolls Royce they had at the show. How fun would it be to roll up to the wedding in that?! This is so exciting.

I also fell in love with the idea of red velvet cupcakes… again if you know me well, this comes as no surprise. I’d like to have a cake AND red velvet cupcakes at the reception. Oh… and I’m still not ruling out a candy bar or chocolate fountain… I’m the dessert queen, after all!

Lastly for this trip, I am obsessed with a place called Zachary’s Pastry Shoppe. I’ll have to see if they can do red velvet cupcakes, but their wedding cakes are gorgeous! And they taste amazing, too. The pastry chef can do ANYTHING, his designs were incredible…

I’m still not ruling out the idea of making my own wedding cake, crazy as it may be. I’ll have to see as the date gets closer. A cake is included in the wedding package at our venue, but I haven’t tasted it yet and I’m not yet sure what I want to do with that yet. Cake = important!

So that’s everything for my second Wedding Wednesday! I love this, I just really really wish I had Joshua here to bounce ideas off. I suppose I’ll just have to send him photos in the meantime. ♥


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    sounds great!! I had red velvet cupcakes at my wedding… it was actually about 6 different kinds… but the red velvet were the best, and we also had a red velvet cake!! And i love the classic car…. I wanted an old bently as well, but settled for a ’79 lincoln. hahaha… not quite what I had in mind, but still cute!

    Good luck planning! You have stellar taste ;)


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    When I got married, photography was probably THE biggest deal and we didn’t skimp on it at all and I love the photos, so I hope you get the one you want! Also, I have awarded you a blog award

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